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Time Starter

The watch face application with quick task launch option. For your smart watch to become much smarter.


We are proud to present you with the watch face application with quick task launch options. Just one gesture and you'll get just what you want! No root required, no tricky setup. Just download application and map preferred gestures to your everyday tasks and you'll get not only quick and easy watch operations, but in addition - great choice of watch faces, including all faces in ClockSkin format! Also the Time Starer application gives you more control over your watch battery discharge. It is not a seldom situation when default battery capacity data is misleading and you find your watches shut when battery indicator convinces you that there's still a lot of charge within. Now you always will be informed and never miss the moment when to charge! And of course, like every real watch, the Time Starer will inform you about current time and date using nice watch faces.

Following is a short list of program's capabilities you can employ with just one gesture

  • Current time and date on your preferred watch face
  • Animated watch faces
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, mobile data and flight modes are shown right on the watch face
  • GSM signal level on the watch face
  • Number of notifications on the watch face
  • Start of any installed application
  • Action panels with customizable action set
  • Conditional action
  • Information display with support for editable digital watch faces
  • Display of any installed widget on watch face or action panel
  • Display of time in selected adjustable time zones
  • Display of sunrise and sunset time at current location
  • Watch face selection with just one gesture
  • Watch face display mode switch
  • System settings that are not available on some smart watches
  • You can start a particular window of an application instead of going through it's start screen and all the way down
  • The screen can be turned off with one gesture
  • The screen can be turned on and off "hands free" (with arm gestures)
  • Arbitrary action can be fired "hands free" (with arm gestures)
  • Weather condition and forecast display on watch faces and action panels
  • Moon phase display on watch faces and action panels
  • Adjustable current time speaking
  • Timer with conditions
  • Timer with elapsed time display
  • Count down timer
  • Alarm during light stage of your sleep, based on count down timer
  • Time marks with vibrations and sound to know current time by feeling it (for walk, sport, meeting or when hands are busy)
  • Alarm clock with vibrations and increasing sound
  • Precise control of your clock error based on time servers or GPS time
  • Accelerometer based step counting
  • Hardware step counter based step counting (if hardware is present)
  • Steps to distance calculation
  • GPS data to distance calculation
  • Calories burned using distance
  • Calories burned using chest strapped Bluetooth heart rate sensor
  • GPS track export with option of displaying your path using third party map programm
  • OK Google start with one gesture
  • 90, 180, 270 degree screen rotation
  • Screen resolution change to show hidden UI elements or to make them bigger and easier to touch
  • Display size change to inscribe it fully within round watch screen
  • Customizable reaction on "Back", "Menu", "Home" button presses when on watch face
  • Customizable reaction on "Back", "Menu", "Home" "Volume" button presses when outside Time Starter
  • Recent application list display
  • Quick start of system setting screens for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, mobile data and flight mode
  • Quick start of system setting screens for vibration and notification mode switch
  • Turn on and off Bluetooth and WiFi with one gesture
  • Turn on and off GPS, mobile data and flight mode with one gesture if you have root
  • Sound level adjustment control on the action panel
  • Predefined sound level switch with one gesture
  • Screen brightness adjustment control on the action panel
  • Predefined screen brightness switch with one gesture
  • Heart rate data display with any Bluetooth Heart Rate profile compatible sensor
  • Notification list display and management
  • Screen lock
  • Transparent background for displaying watch face above the system wallpaper
  • Watch face as a live wallpaper
  • Watch face positioning and scaling
  • You can customize screen off interval when on watch face
  • Application settings export/import for easier reinstall

Here you can download Time Starer and watch faces. Also here you can find a little guide with gesture to action mapping description, watch faces installation instructions and many more.

You can download Time Starter here or use Android market to install it. If you decide to download then next you should copy the application to SD-card of your watch, but don't forget to enable installation from unknown sources in system's security settings. After it just touch Time Starter's apk-file in your preferred file-manager and installation will begin. When it's done you can press the "Home" button and then you'll be present with a home screen selection dialog, where you can tell the system to always go the Time Starter's home screen (use the "Always" dialog option). The "Always" option here isn't an enemy of your old home screen application because Time Starter can map any gesture to the action of going to the old home screen (starting your old launcher). But the best Time Starter can do is not just the tossing of the home screens, it can start any action with just one gesture! You can start an application, open system settings, select next watch face and even turn the screen off. More details about all the features you can read here.

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