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Time Starter

ClockSkin watch face format transformation for use with Time Starter

You can easily extend Time Starter's watch face collection by converting existing watch faces in ClockSkin format. At this page you can upload to the server a zip-archive with ClockSkin watch face files and next, after server translates it to the Time Starter's format, the link for downloading new Time Starter's watch face description file will be available. The description file allows Time Starter to understand the content of ClockSkin watch face directory. That's why after downloading the face description file you need to add it to the ClockSkin's set of files and next to copy ClockSkin watch face directory (with Time Starter's description) in the folder where Time Starter is set to look for it's faces. Next make Time Starter to reread the faces library by pointing it to the same watch face folder where newly converted face is copied to.

To guarantee correct watch face conversion it is recommended to update Time Starter to the latest version. For example, if ClockSkin watch face has features like weather or moon phases, then to work with such faces Time Starter should support the features, but not all versions support weather or moon phases and that's why earlier versions are unable to display such faces. To prevent Time Starter from missing newly converted watch face it is recommended to update Time Starter to the latest version.

And beside of this ClockSkin faces sometime can be provided with incorrect internal descriptions.

Select ClockSkin file to convert it in Time Starter format

Check the check box to get animated watch face. Animation is supported since TimeStarter's version 1.5.0, earlier versions can not display animated parts of a watch face and then it is better to clear the check box.

Animated watch face