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Time Starter

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Color Inflated Soft
Contrast Islands Tradition
Digital Matrix Wave
Image Military
Impression Sharp

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Month Day of month Hours
Minutes Year Day of week
Seconds Battery capacity (standard) Battery charging state
Mobile data state Flight mode state Bluetoth state
GPS state WiFi state Signal level
Sunrise time Sunset time Battery capacity (voltage)
Notification number Timer Hours Timer Minutes
Timer Seconds Roaming state Animation
Customizable time zones Location - latitude Location - longitude
Show wallpapers (transparency) Weather Moon phases
Weather, wind direction Weather, temperature

To install the watch face download zip-archive and unpack it in the folder of watch's SD-card which you selected in Time Starter settings. The list of faces will be refreshed after you point Time Starter again to the same folder with watch faces data. Next you can select preferred face under the "Select clock" menu option or using a gesture, mapped to the action of switching the screen to the next watch face.